Operate At Full Capacity

Through cathodic protection and AC mitigation, ICORR Technologies provides corrosion control services that prevent infrastructure degradation, which can lead to costly environmental damage, government involvement and delivery downtime.

Liquid and Gas, Storage and Delivery

ICORR Technologies has over 25 years of experience protecting pipelines and storage facilities from oxidation and corrosion for industries including: Oil & Gas, Water, Utility, Industrial, Energy, Mining.

Asset Protection and Safety

Using corrosion early warning systems and quick remediation, ICORR Technologies helps you manage your hazardous materials delivery systems and assures your company meets all government regulations. The expert in corrosion and oxidation, ICORR Technologies provides delivery system stability, is NACE certified and exceeds OSHA standards.

Extended Delivery System Lifecycles

As the leading provider of complete corrosion protection solutions, ICORR Technologies delivers proven asset integrity, dramatically extending the lifecycle of your delivery system and ensuring that your operating capacity can meet demand.

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