Cathodic Protection Services

  • Impressed current and galvanic systems
  • Interference testing
  • A/C mitigation
  • Close interval surveys
  • Current mapping
  • Internal corrosion monitoring
  • Vacuum excavation
  • Mud and air drilling
  • Field surveys
  • Test point surveys
  • Gas leak surveys
  • Remote monitoring

About Corrosion

Corrosion-rate variables include substrate materials, coating, oxidation agent type and material age. By transferring ions, oxidation reaction reduces metal mass and density. Because of this, DOT regulations can shut down your pipeline and storage facility.

  • Corrosion prevention reverses ionic transfer and the oxidation process
  • 1 Amp of current corrodes 20 lbs. of metal per year
  • 90% of oil and gas leaks are corrosion-related
  • The average leak costs > $1,000,000 in remediation, excluding lost revenue